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Micro Trading Tactics (DVD video)

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Run time: 90 minutes. Unlike Swing Traders, who oftenhold positions for 2-5 days, astute Micro Traders jump on breakouts? as well as breakdowns ? moving in and out ofpositions quickly each market day. They often find opportunity in 5or 15-minute charts, taking frequent, bite-sized profits out of themarket on a daily basis. This technique can be immensely rewarding? but it takes skill and training to survive such rapid-firemoves. In this groundbreaking new course, OliverVelez presents powerful methods for mastering the fine art of MicroTrading with maximum precision. You?ll discover: Micro Trading strategies that work in bull or bear markets All the tools you need to become a masterful micro trader How to profit from the ?market maker?slunch? What period of the market day provides the best risk/reward? and what times to avoid at all cost Trade set-ups that make him ?salivate? Plus ?the Pristine Gap Plus Tactic, the Pristine 5 and30-minute trading rules, the Pristine Late Day Breakout Strategy,and plenty of other trading tips you can?t find anywhereelse.


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